Don’t forget to be sun smart this summer

When summer rolls around, we all love to go outside and enjoy the sun. For those going swimming at the beach or ar the pool, don't forget to apply waterproof 60+ UV sun cream and apply it regularly throughout the day!

If it is Windy, you may feel cooler but actually it is more damaging for your skin. wear a wide brimmed hat, long sleeved light shirt where possible.

Check your local weather forecast for the day's UV rating to be even more safe and don't go out in the midday sun.

If you have children, be extra vigilant and supervise them carefully and make sure they have plenty of sun lotion and use common sense in allowing them out in the summer heat -- make sure they are well hydrated too as they tend to forget these things. It will save you a tip to the local ER with heat stroke and sun burn that may have the potential of developing melanoma in their later years.