Family hiking in the countryside

why taking a walk every day is important

With the ever increasing use of smartphones and other technologies, instead of having more leisure time,  it is actually the reverse, whether we use them for work after hours or catching up friends on social media or reading the news online, we simply do not allow any time to exercise.

All it takes to maintain your fitness is a 20 min walk every day.  It does not mean you have to pay for the expense of going to the local gym or joining a club.

Simply put on your comfortable walking attire, grab a bottle of water, plug in an ipod/ mp3 player to listed to a podcast or some other motivating music to make the walk less boring.

I recommended downloading a podcast - as there are simply hundreds of thousands of them to download for FREE with every topic you can imagine from discussions on a popular tv show to self help etc.

Download ABC Podcasts here

Tip: For safety, Wear 1 ear piece only so that the other free ear can hear whats going on in your environment.

On the weekends, get the whole family involved, get the kids away from the computer or gaming platforms and make it a family event to take a refreshing walk at your local park, or along the beach.

Remember to make it a fun activity and not a chore for the kids. It will promote family bonding and give your children a positive and healthy attitude towards maintaining their fitness levels.

Happy walking!!