About us

Welcome www.healthylifestyleaustralia.com

This website has been set up to promote a healthy lifestyle in Australia. We will be posting ideas through this site from information gleaned throughout Australia and these will be in the form of blogs which you can come back and checkout every so often to update your knowledge base.

We will also be posting links to some of our 3rd party affiliates websites who have special promotions in the health area that we believe to be a benefit to your busy lifestyle.

For example, If you like to buy any products from our eBay store – ( which will be updated every 2 days with the best selling products from ebay imported into our web store ) then click the ‘Buy Now’ button provided and you will automatically be transferred to eBay Australia, where you can purchase the product directly through their site. We will receive a very small % of the sale for directing traffic to eBay Australia for the sale. These fees will  help cover not only the cost of running and maintaining this website but also our ‘healthy life style australia’ Facebook page and other marketing.


We display the most popular Health Care Products, all automatically imported on a daily basis directly from eBay Australia