Fisiocrem ‘Massage’ Topical Anti-Inflammatory Solugel Cream 750ml + a FREE GIFT!

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Product Description

‘Massage’ is a topical anti – inflammatory Massage creme that quickly
soothes the pain of common injuries, bruises, sprains and strains. It
aids the circulation and may offer some relief for rheumatism, arthritis
or venous congestion. Fisiocrem is a completely natural product that
can be utilized at the side of pharmaceutical medicine and other
physio-therapeutic treatments. Is suitable for use throughout all stages of
rehabilitation therapy of muscles and joints.

for anyone to use – athletes, children, elderly, pregnant and breast
feeding mothers. For easy use and working effects make it compatible
with your on a regular basis life.

a liberal amount and rub gently into the affected area. Relief will
ceaselessly be felt within a couple of minutes. Apply as ceaselessly as required, regularly 3
– 5 times on a daily basis. 
Fisiocrem can be utilized before and after ice remedy, or as a poultice under a enhance bandage for acute injuries.

active ingredients are highly concentrated extracts derived from the
pure herbs. When combined these extracts have a synergistic effect on
each other that increases the overall potency of the cream.

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